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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Frequency S2 EP 10

“Back to the Future, Bitches!” 80’s trivia night at the Pinhook and Travis helps Susan come out of the 80’s closet. Meanwhile, Deanna gets the first key to her future and Claire gets her voice back.

Cast: Meredith Sause, Lisa Gagnon, Anthony Hughes, Laurie Wolf, Dana Marks, Chris Burner, Nathan Logan, Jen Evans and Geraud Staton.

Music: Matt Stutzman-Club Beats 

Due to Youtubery snafu we are not posting the version with Lake Isle, Blue Angel. I hope to have that posted before June. We have decided to post this modified version just so we can bet this show on track. 
 CLICK on the photo to take you the version.