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Friday, May 31, 2013

Frequency dental emergency

The good thing about dentists is they are good in emergencies. 

Our generous benefactor, Dr. John Saunders gave big today. He let us film in his office on his day off and we only gave him a few moments to pack before his flight out. 
This is a quick endorsement to Dr. John and Wicked Monkey Productions! 
His newest novel is out Spartan Negotiator.
The novel really is a look into a roughneck's world and his code of ethics. 
Not for weak sensibilities. 
June 13, 2013 , 7:00 PM
He is holding a book signing at Barnes & Noble at Friendly Shopping Center , Greensboro. 
This man is good in emergencies. Might even say he mentored Dr. Deanna Shelley. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Frequency EP 3 part 2 See you later

This episode took a little effort to get out.

It was my pleasure but it was an effort.

I hope you enjoy the short but VERY meaningful episode. 

Frequency and CC

The last week we have been working on a few things. 

Sound for the next video release. 
Finding female lead bands can be harder than you think in this town. 
The sound is nearly locked. We expect the newest video out in a day or two. 

The other task has made me and PK blurry eyed. 
Closed Captions are now available to our hearing challenged viewers. 
We had a request about a month ago and now seemed like a good time to stick it in. 

We will get to blip in the near future. 

The other item that has us dragging out the latest release is my health. I have a ten day cycle of good days and real life and bill paying came first. But we have had progress and will put up a video soon. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Frequency slo mo

It is now obvious that the illness has slowed down our progress may more than I anticipated. I am half time at work with full time deadlines. This makes for poor excuse and very late deadlines.
BUT... We are making progress on the newest edits. Please be patient with our slow delivery. I am making an effort to put Frequency back on track. I am working my purple fingers right down to the numb. Please feel free to ask us about the plot, characters and cast. We would love to hear a shout, no matter how small from viewers. kvworks"at"

 As a bit of trivia, Travis has "matching accessories" only after an on-set mishap. How did the mishap occur?
A. Travis put his shirt on inside out?
B. Jackie wanted a donut?
C. Deanna needed a towel?
D. Claire picked up a new friend?