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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Emergency Frequency

Frequency Episode 2 "Just Friends" has some fun stuff and reveals the characters' connections.

We had fun shooting episode 2. It took us to the Pinhook and Cincinnati?
Travis & Claire getting friendly?

Deanna & Travis just friends?

What does Deanna do with this emergency? 

A. Sends the patient away and goes to lunch with the staff
B. Takes the patient's number & makes an appointment in the future
C. Takes care of the emergency right away

Watch EP 02 of Frequency Sci Fi to find out what the right answer is.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Silent Frequency

The farther along in the script we get the more layers we see unfold.

Today I got to read some of the up coming episodes. It was full of future/ past timeline elements. 
It was very fun to read.

It maybe a tall order for VIZ effects and I'm up for the challenge.
All I can say is that I have to be silent about the details of the story. 

I can say I laughed out loud. I can also say I cannot wait to get this in front of an audience.

As usual, you can see the first EPISODE of FREQUENCY at 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Double the Frequency

Phase reversing is not my intention.
I am trying to pull an optical illusion.

By the Magic of television we now have two where there where one, episodes that is.
We are not pitch shifting sound or shifting light we just split it the one into parts.

We will have EP 01.1 & EP 01.2
On OUR NEW Youtube Channel = KVWorks1

There are a few very small tweaked but nothing of major proportion.

We wanted the Youtube experience to fit the length of the short attention span audience.


I want to sip and savor my sci fi in large blocks.

But YouTube is a wild west of viewing and we want to keep from being a ghost town of a channel.
SOOOO, we cut the episode into two nearly equal parts.

Episode 02 is aging in the big barrel in the warehouse. We will serve no SCI FI before it's time.

ETA is two weeks.
We will drop Frequency EP 02 before the NEW YEAR.


Speaking of 2013, I have listed a few things I'm looking forward to seeing.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Frequency Coldness

Here in NC we are not accustom to the cold. As a matter of fact, I used my ice scraper for the first time last week. I only used it once and my neighbor across the street did not need one on that morning. As a matter of fact, if was not too cold to clear the ice with the washer fluid.

All this is to say it is "f-ing" cold here. It was below 50 twice and I really don't like that.
Not this cold here -but it gets my visual across.

The cold has put  some outdoor scenes needed to finish EP 03 on hold.  When we get above 50 again we back out doors for a freak out and freak out scene #2. You will have to stay tuned to learn who and why we have a freakout.

In the mean time, you can watch EP 01 here.
---->   Frequency Episode 01

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Frequency head count

Writers truly do have the last word.

I have had many conversations with the writer about the current series's plot trajectory. I realized today that every character at some point has been killed off and then written back into the plot before the next production day. This amuses me.
Vexing the writer is not good.
Like the birth of Athena, Piper is concentrating on characters.

Today, the head count is still two leads and two main supporting characters as well as two reoccurring characters.

Stay tuned the head count may change depending on the writers mood and whim.

If you need a reminder: CLICK text to view ------>    Frequency Episode 01