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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Frequency with a Bullet

Let's be real about what I want, $3,141and 59 cents.

KV Works is at 90% funded and less than $400 away from our goal.

We have amazing supporters and we love each and everyone of them.
This L-girl producer is very humbled at the support for our Anti-amendment 1 project.

This is what we are hoping to emulate in Frequency Sci-Fi.

Kicka$$ chick with a gun is always hot!
Burn Notice - Fiona
Battlestar Galactica - Sharon
Burn Notice - Fiona
Battlestar Galactica - Starbuck
X-files - Agent Scully
SVU - Det. Benson
SVU - Det. Benson
Frequency- Claire 
Xena Warrior Princess

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frequency last days

The last few days of our campaign are upon us.

We are very close < $600 to go to make our goal.     ------------------>
We are hoping to gain support from lgbt community interested in fighting amendment 1 in NC.

The film is being shot in NC and features lgbt leads and characters.
We are also hoping lost girl and heros fans are interested in our indy effort.

  • Pip is posting on her blog 
  •       KV WORKS is posting on the facebook
  •                         Indiegogo updates are available 

We have a few videos if you want to know more.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Frequency & Hurricane

I am not a fan of the God hates (FILL IN BLANK) that is why there is this natural event.
I know there is a buzz on the inter-webs about SANDY and the liberal East coast -

Sandy is no joke it is massive! With eye in the atlantic and the outer edge reaching close the Mississippi River! 

Please take this serious and do as the emergency officials instruct.

While you still have internet, take a moment to enjoy our videos for Frequency at the indiegogo site.
It might take your mind off Sandy.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

So... six days left in our campaign but I'm not worried. Oh no. Not me. I'm just... pondering. To illustrate me point, Claire is pictured here... pensive... pondering about π. But she and I, we ain't worried, chewing over, deliberating, questioning, ruminating, wrestling with whether or not you'll contribute... nope, none of that going on here. - pip

Frequency Sci Fi Pi plan

FREQUENCY SCI FI le$bian film

80% funded is great, but we are still  make hoping for a few more prime number donations.

$2,503Raised of $3,141 Goal

We had a prime number donated to reach a prime number total. I love my geeky supporters.

With every supporter we get closer to making FREQUENCY a reality. Our first episode will be available in November. I think you are going to like it.

We have only the freshest ingredients with organic lesbian gaze tossed in for you. Just in case it isn't clear to our readers, PK and I have had our toaster since the 80's. That's right the 1980's!
80's Icon Julie Andrews & Janet Jackson

SOOOO that is why we are asking for help. We are interested in creating a sci fi lesbian drama.

Scully - Reyes X-Files
The X-files although very watchable with our two favorite agents, was not enough. The fan fic was fun but KV Works wants to put the subtext in the foreground. We make it the main text of the story.

So we are making a venue to introduce to you Deanna and Claire our heroines. 

Please click on the campaign link to support our  project.
Really, it is BIG thing for us if you contribute any amount.
$15 puts you in a class to get stuff from us so check out the perks !

Friday, October 26, 2012

Frequency Sci Fi Trailer Teaser sweetness

I am so excited! 

I handed over some footage - I know, right am I crazy?  but I totally trust Mer to do this right. - to make a trailer. Here it is.

Or at least it will be when we get the publishing rights.....

Frequency: Lesbian Sci-Fi Promo from Meredith Sause on Vimeo. to help us get "Frequency Sci Fi where Lesbian is the main text" made.

There is some trivia for the future. The music in the trailer features our lead, Meredith Sause.

There are a few snippets of video that match some of the production stills you will see here on the blog.

I am very happy to have another version of our project out on the WWW.

Frequency Promo image
Claire works on seeing the right Frequency of light. 
We have had a bit of a flurry of activity on ye ole indiegogo campaign. Currently at 76% with 7 days left. To illustrate the point better I have added the pic above. Overused? I think not. Oh and next Friday we all get to go to the dentist office. It'll be fun. Trust me. - pip

Thursday, October 25, 2012

8 Days left in the Campaign. Nine days left til the next filming. - pip

Countdown for Indiegogo campaign. Subtle or what?
So the number 9 has stalked me for quite some time and I just went ahead and decided to call it my lucky number. We have nine days left on on Indiegogo campaign and I'm hoping it means something good shall come our ways. I just added a 99 hz perk cause that's the kinda gal I am. -pip

Monday, October 22, 2012

Guess it's time for me to contribute to this bloggy thingy. So now the challenge, along with raising $'s for wardrobe and a larger food selection (peanut butter don't cut it), is getting more eps and filler writing done. Always a nerve wracking affair. Currently, I'm up to ep 6 with everything up to the ending sketched out but... things change. I'm lovin the webserial approach.

 I really do love these gals. They probably don't believe me, which is all well and good. Signing off for now - pip

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Frequency & DOMA & Bechdel

Here is a very clear article about the happenings in the state of NY. FORBES DOMA

DOMA was enacted by a popular president and has had unintended consequences.

Just like any good art inspired endeavor,  anti-LGBT policies have motivated Frequency and filmmakers from NC to fight to keep the visibility of LGBT community.

Our sci fi film has two strong women exploring truth and knowledge of self.

We made sure to pass the Bechdel test with the first conversation. Add Frequency to the list found here at Bechdel Test .com This is a great sight to measure up your favorite films and see if you are a feminist and have unknowingly applied the Bechdel Test to your film watching list.

Newest published work by A. Bechdel in the NYT

Let's keep up our effort to fight against intolerance and the inequity of sin and punishment.

Frequency Ep5 sc3
Claire and Deanna talk about DOMA, not. 

Oh yeah, forgot to mention the needle is 70% to Pi ----------->

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Frequency now with more lady curves

Hidy ho!
I wanted to make a quick entry to note that we have a new pitch video for the
INDIEGOGO campaign for our film FREQUENCY

Like I promised it has 50% more cowbell and 30% more lady curves!
My principal actors are such great people. I hope I did them justice with this very quick and dirty edit.

Our Tumblr site has a good place to catch up on some thumbnails of production.

I'll try to keep everyone posted as we go.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pi in the Sky and Frequency

This weekend was marked by the longest sky jump by man.

We looked up to see this amazing and crazy event. It inspires us to keep dreaming of impossible realities such as the one in our film "Frequency."
A world where you may change your existence if you tune into the world around you.

This weekend Claire is working her beta waves in a new way. We put her in a happy place to she could tune into the right Frequency.

Deanna wants to Claire to give her more, um, info.

We are down to the last 20 or so days on campaign to raise Pi for Frequency.
We need to get any help by sharing the 
Twitter shout out (  #frequency-sci-fi or 
a facebook link ( )

Any help is appreciated and moves us toward Pi.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GOGO factor for Frequency-sci-fi

Yesterday we got the friendly gogo email indicating our factor was
down. :-\

I inherited a competitive spirit from my mother. Needless to say this did not please me. So, I made some changes to my focus and worked on getting a little movement on the indiegogo page for Frequency.

Wow, did I whip a frenzy. I moved our fund bar over the 60% mark. (see ------------>)

What I noticed while studying my analytics is that less than 10% of our contributors are lesbian.
I'm thinking this is a problem. How can we tip the scale and get some dyed in the wool dykes to contribute?
I need to go out this weekend and shake my money maker. I'm not sure where or how but this week I hope to move the circle of support back into the LGBT community.

With national coming out day October 11th, I'm thinking we have an opening to talk about our little project here in Durham NC. The one that was inspired to change the supporters of Amendment 1's mind set.
Frequency promo pix
Watching the floor at the Pinhook- Dale must have seen a penny.

Please visit the indiegogo project page and like, the project on FB or share the link with lesbian media hounds. You know the ones watching, Lost Girl, Rizzoli and Isles, Covert Affairs, Fringe, Haven,

Thanks to the wonderful network of folks who want to support this lesbian sci fi film.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Frequency sci fi half of Pi

Quick updates for Frequency.

We are going into production on Friday. Some quick pick up shots and another Viz FX shot.
I'll post some pictures if time allows me to take my hands off the "movie" camera long enough to take some stills with my iPhone.

First Thank you, thank you to the contributions to date.
We are just over 50% as you can see in our widget box to the right -------->

We also have a new pitch video
This is our second video You can find the original on the Youtube channel along with a trailer and a few work in progress clips.

Friday, October 5, 2012

LGBT on the BIG and small screen Frequency

I saw a tweet this morning about a Hollywood type wanting to make a web series. Kudos and cheers to him. His interview explaining his reasons for making the web series are interesting.
Hunting Season is the series.
The link for the interview is here - LINK GAY WEB SERIES INTERVIEW -

Marcus also mentions some noteworthy other web series. They are worth checking out if you have not already found them on your own.

How is Frequency different?
Durham is a long way from Hollywood. We are using local talent. We have a thriving arts community right here in DURHAM, NC. It is one of the things that makes us the #1 tolerant City in the USA. Even though the state passed the anti-LGBT marriage amendment Durham supported defeating the amendment.

We are using community resources such as equipment and locations. As an independent effort we are making our resources count. We understand what elements will add to the production value. Real sets and costuming are a must.

I think we have something fun and interesting to watch. Help us reach our goal of raising Pi.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My wonderful partner PK has been making her twitter-verse a flutter with news of our first Feature project. Thanks to her we are feeling the love.


We also need to find some help getting some blogger connections.
If you are a frequent poster on a blog or know someone who bloggs, then slide our project in front of them.

Visit the KV Works facebook site to get "Frequency" updates, stills and shout outs during production.

I'll post the kraft services next time we have production.
Every dollar helps keep peanut butter off the table.

frequency picture
Actress Lisa Gagnon and Meredith Sause rehearse scene entitle "Intersect"