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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Frequency NOV 30 YES

I have to notify the next of kin before I officially post the first episode.

We will have the episode available NOV 30, unless something in the office explodes.

Three things to remember about Frequency Episode 01 "Freakiness Continues"

  1. NSFW
  2. On YOUTUBE in the near future
  3. Both MV and PK are in the episode in some way.

Frequency EP 01

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Frequency Inspiration

So the edit is oh so close.

I have a few hours left in NOVEMBER before it all melts into a new month.
Believe me I am crunching pixels as hard as I can to get this episode out the door.

I have to say there where a few plasces that the audio sweetening changed the feel of the scene. Amazing.

In the mean time, visit our Nashville inspiration, Wall of Jules.
Wall of Inspiration

Wall of Jules - these chicas are fun to watch and the music helps move a couple of scenes along.
Go like Wall of Jules on Facebook -

Frequency House Band
We also had the Frequency team throw together a band for a fun mash-up. I think this will happen a few more time for a few episode in the future.

Friday, November 23, 2012

No Frequency yet 01

The film festival was fun. We saw some good local flicks.

Most of the chick filmmakers made documentaries. I know this is a trend.

My guess is that men make narrative films 4 or 5 to 1. Why is this? We women are better at social message and group activities. It remains a mystery why women don't try to make a film. Perhaps filmmaking is not seen as an art form? or relevant to society? This stumps me.

Piper is the only chick filmmaker in our block

We are slowly moving the edit through the pipe line. I can crack the whip but really it is stuck behind a slow moving truck on a two lane up the mountain road.
I know I promised November. It will be the last day of the month if we are lucky.

In the mean time, Here is a quick snap shot from the last production.  I misread the label on the box everytime and I giggle. There behind the make up box is some of the snacks on the kraft services table.
We have seen this motor oil can before. This time Lisa Gagnon was not subjected to the special make up.

Snacks and "make up"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Frequency Carrboro film festival

This Sunday team Frequency will be in Carrboro, Paris of the piedmont and first town in NC with an openly gay Mayor.   (FYI- Mayor Mike Nelson has since moved on to do other things.)

Mike, way back when he was Mayor.

Intersect Ep 4 of Frequency will screen at the Carrboro Film Festival. It is the dedicated to local filmmakers making short films.

You can see the schedule of times and list of films here ----->    SCHEDULE     <----------
Random NASA inter galactic photo

If you aren't local you'll just have to wait to see Episode 4 on the interwebs.

I'll post some pictures of the filmmakers and other festival happenings.

I'll be back sooner rather than later.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Frequency EMT help

This weekend Frequency had a quick pick up scene in one of the subplots.

We had help from a very eager new comer. She played dead almost as well as Lisa Gagnon.
Lauren will likely appear among the mostly living in a later episode. <wink>

Day players are the best!

Tracy Walker was super great with the actual lines. Who knew so much talent was lurking in Durham.
Our Dale Shelley character was given more gruff lines for this scene. What do expect from the EMT in charge?

Thanks for Ish's great eye and bucket of blood.
What is a scene with an EMT without blood.

The corpse sits up so that we don't cause an accident. I love the look see review

We had a city police officer wave as we worked on the side walk of a busy road through downtown. I'm glad our little gorilla'ed scene didn't get shut down.

On another note about Episode 1 - Music is still being thorny. Tonight there is a jam session to create a few new grooves just for the web series.

I'll let PK post who is part of the jam session.

I am so excited about this. Too bad I have to work tonight, and will miss the fun with the musicians.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Frequency Post EP 01

The post process came to a crawl this week.

The color and audio post is work that is tedious for this impatient gal.
Plus I have contracted a terrible case of editor's elbow. Also known as tennis elbow.

This pain has effectively created a very real avoidance behavior pattern. I have switched to a track ball and moved the keyboard lower and the monitor higher. The ergonomic adjustment should be just the trick to keep the project moving.

On the other side of the office is where the audio sweetening happens. PK, who is the writer, is also a musician. Some folks may remember seeing the Kid Sister van rolling across the US in the late 90's and early 2000's. The music bed for those "special" scenes is in her loving hands.

I have to say that Frequency has prompted PK to dust off the guitar. I wouldn't be surprised if we reprise a few tracks from Kid Sister. BTW a hip hop artist has taken the name kid sister so if you google it you get her stuff. PK's band was way before this lass's career.

Not PK's Kid Sister

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Frequency Votes

There are lots of things that should motivate you to vote.

Things like NC's Amendment 1 on the ballot. In Maryland, Maine Minnesota, the full populous right to marry is on the ballot.
Vote No to limiting constitutional rights.

Frequency supports equality.

Please vote.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Frequency Pi and then some

How do you like that!!!  ---------------->

We made our goal plus 14% last night.  This is very exciting for us.

Truth is, it was only possible because we have awesome leading ladies.
Lisa and Meredith pulled in a big chunk of the support. You gals are the best. XXOO's

What does Pi mean for Frequency?

Well, first off we were able to put Deanna in new a wardrobe piece. 
I do so love this sweater!

Deanna contemplates her next move. Nov 2012 Frequency

The next thing it means is we get to keep the kraft services table stocked for the cast and crew.
I'm thinking apples, other fruits and nuts will come back as well as hot non-carb options.

The cast is very good role models for the writer and producer. (I have lost 8 pounds since hanging with them. Not that you can tell.)

We will continue to update the Frequency project here.
Look for the first episode very soon.

THANKS for tuning in.