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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fighting Anti-LGBT legislation with Frequency

Hi Folks;
If you are Facebook friends with me, then you know I am consumed with making "Frequency" the sci-fi flick.

I may have even hit you up for a prop, location, costume or advise about the film. If I have not done it yet, I will soon.

I am writing this not because I think you will give money to the film, but because you are interested in simple civil rights and are willing to help me make this film. 

I need your help to succeed in my funding campaign on indiegogo-
If you are not sure what indiegogo is - it is a way to get strangers and friends to fund projects that they have interest in or care about. The more internet and social media traffic we can generate with the links below the better visibility the project gets on the funding site.

Our film Frequency is a way to respond to Amendment 1 here in NC. 
We heard that filmmakers want to boycott NC and our festivals because of the constitutional amendment  that past that defines marriage as one man one woman.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moving toward Pi for Frequency

Hi y’all!
Last week we hit a milestone for Frequency. We finished filming the opening scene and a few scenes in the sub-plots in the second/third act.

Frequency will be moving toward some really fun scenes with new characters. Those production days are scheduled this month and we will post pictures and share in the fun…
BUT to get the pictures we need to move some $10 Delta Watcher and other Perks.

Let’s get our next prime number contribution.
If we raise above $1,000 in the next week we will drop a few choice pictures directly to the contributors as soon as we hit $997 or above.

I think Meredith and Lisa would appreciate being fed something other than peanut butter.

Please share our link and let like minded sci-fi, Lost Girl and Hero’s fans know about Frequency’s fundraising.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
Meredith and MV at the office

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Frequency Not Your Daddy's Sci-Fi

By now I hope you have had a chance to pop over to indiegogo for a quick look at our campaign to keep the production going.

Piper and I are very pleased that our roll out has put us 10% closer to PI.

Yes $3141.59 is what we are trying to raise.
This will go to feed cast and crew.

The world of Frequency sports some headtwisting time lines and interesting interpersonal abilities. If you tune in you just might pick up on the right frequency to see the future or read another's mind. OR...
You'll have to tune in to see what Clare and Deanna are up to in the world where Frequency changes lives.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trailer Intersect Ep 4

I always loved Scifi and Mythology, especially strong female characters. I imagined two of those characters “getting together”. When Xena came on TV I hoped my dream might be fulfilled but subtext would have to do.

Today, my partner and I have our own production company and make our living with sound and pictures. We’ve decided to create a webseries/feature film with strong lesbian characters.