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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Frequency 1 year later

I was looking at our data and see that we first posted our Youtube channel, kvworks1,  on Dec 12, 2012.

2013 has had some highs and lows for KV Works.

First we posted a few excellent episodes of the best Lesbian Sci Fi on the planet, Frequency.

We met Claire, Deanna, Travis, Jackie and friends at the Pinhook.

Piper was able to spin a yarn about the world where string theory has profound influence on the lives in our drama. A drama where you can tune into a Frequency and change your destiny.

KV Works met some awesome local actors.

We sweat, and lost sleep over our newest love, Frequency.

We made friends half way around the world from neighboring countries on social media. Those folks have hung with us as we have eeked out episode after episode during 2013. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love you and we love that you have an interest in what we are doing.

As the producer and some times the director of Photography of Frequency this year has been a personal challenge.
Early in 2013, I lost part of my anatomy in the fight to beat cancer. This has been devastating personally and emotionally difficult to adjust to.  I am still adjusting to the idea of my new body image. Recovering from surgery KV Works shot two episodes and edit two episodes.

In the spring I started the next phase of my battle.
During Chemo therapy KV Works shot seven or eight episodes and edited four episodes.
By mid year I was starting to bounce back emotionally. We continued to shoot five or six episodes and edit three more.

We have been able to edit and post about one episode per month during 2013.
Without our little project I may have given up my fight.

I have to believe that the silent viewers are rooting for KV Works and Frequency.
Pk and I shaved our heads. I did it so the disease did not take my hair.

My Hair started to return late summer 2013
I lost all my hair after 10 weeks of therapy.
By Fall of 2013 I had the softest hair on the planet.
Let me end by saying "Thanks" to our viewers old and new;
"Welcome" to our newest interested fans.
I am filled with gratitude that I had enough strength to continue working on Frequency in 2013.
I resolve to continue posting in 2014.

May your lives be as filled with meaning, purpose and love as mine was in 2013.

Now for our newest Episode "Do I Stop This"

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Play Work

photo courtesy of Lisa Gagnon
More than a year ago we were at the beach in the midst of Frequency web series production, trying to escape reality for a few days while we waited for what I think both Monique and I knew could possibly be devastating news. It was the weekend of our 19th anniversary. We opted not to tell anyone that we were waiting on biopsy evaluation while we filmed some of the pivotal scenes of Season 2 of Frequency. It was an emotional weekend and difficult hiding it from cast and crew. Since then my brave partner and best friend has gone through a year of surgery, chemo and radiation. We have shared our journey and leaned upon family, friends and strangers. Our crew has been there with us, both emotionally and physically. Our community/crew support has been overwhelming. We have both come out the other end with a forever changed view on life, love and friendship. I wanted to return to the beach for a lot of reasons. For the story line is was a necessity. For me, personally, I wanted Monique and I to have this beautiful setting no longer tethered to the negative. I wanted my love of waves, ocean, sand and surf to be rejoined to the positive. I wanted this to be the place I celebrated 20 years of living with my best friend/ass kicking' Cancer warrior, sharing work and play. And, she let me play. They let me play. I am lucky to have such a wonderful partner. Everyone should be so lucky to have such a love and such wonderful friends.  Our crew of five worked hard and played as they worked. I truly love these gals and everyone who has helped me get this whacked story out of me noggin and into the daylight. :-) <3
The f'n producer and Meredith Sause (photo by Lisa Gagnon)
Crew Selfie (Lisa Gagnon, Piper Kessler, Marilyn Hays, and Monique Velasquez
Monique, Meredith and Lisa between takes

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Frequency season 2 ep 3 and thanks

Just in time for Thanksgiving!
I have spent the last few weeks being thankful for my life. 
I get to spend it with someone who supports me and loves me unconditionally.
She brings me joy, laughter and amazing experiences, like creating Frequency.

I have also been getting used to the idea that I battled cancer this year.
I am amazed that I get up these days and get to do fun meaningful work.

This web series is one of the things I am grateful for in my life. It is truly a DIY effort.
I cannot tell you how blown away I am that nearly 400,000 people have taken a few moments to watch Frequency. 

Thanks for watching and thanks for sharing.
Here it the episode "Figured it out yet?"

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Frequency Real Life

Real life events have had KV Works running fast. We have been keeping clients and bill collectors happy. 

The next episode is burning a hole in the edit station. 
It will be posted in time for Thanksgiving Holiday viewing. 

I know this is the longest gap in posting episodes. Bare with us a little longer. 

We are also having issues with YouTube. It has to do with their new identity policy. Seems they like being evil these days. 

In the meantime, enjoy a few production pictures. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Frequency concentration

This Episode is entitled "Trying to Concentrate."

This episode is short but has some answers for Deanna.

I love this episode because Jackie finally has something in the fridge.

S2 EP 2 Trying to Concentrate

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Frequency of season

The first season of Frequency was complete just as I finished up my chemotherapy.
I have spent the last four weeks catching up on RL stuff. 
Thanks for watching and keeping up with this lesbian sci fi web series. 

Things that have been happening 
Production for season 2 & 3
Writing for season 3 
Post production for season 2 
Finding new inspirations with writer friends 
Shooting a short with other filmmakers

We have added 2 bad foreign translations for the episodes on YouTube - we will take friendly amendments to the translations. 

I got some new body art for my #peterparker therapy. 

Friendly reminder- 
Since my last post readers should have conducted a self exam for prostates and/or breasts.

Looking back I have to say I loved my time on set during chemo- It was challenging and something's may have been compromised but it got done the best we could under the circumstances. 

I loved the beach scenes, the special effects where fun and finding music was quite enjoyable. 
We are really trying to make this an Indy effort. 

We would love to hear from viewers. What did you like? What did you share with friends? What do you want to see more of?

What is Jackie's ability? 
A.  Snarkiness
B.  Flame throwing
C.  Healing people
D.  Reading minds

Who is more butch?

A. Deanna 
B. Claire 
C. Jackie

HIt us up with an email kvworks"at"

Friday, September 13, 2013

Frequency Season 1 tunes

I thought I would round up the links to the musicians that we used in Season 1.

Fields of Mars is used for our reoccurring credit and opening tune.

Lake Isle has some haunting pieces in a few episodes.
Like their FB poage

Viva la Venus


Shawn Smith (of Lake Isle)
Heard in ep 8

Kid sister

(You know who along with Ruthy from way back in the early 2000's

Wall of Jules

Twitter = @WallofJules

Merrybelle Park

Season 2

Frequency of seasons

This is one of my favorite episodes. It has answers and questions for the viewer.
Stick with Frequency for a few episodes and you will get more of the story.

In the meantime, enjoy Deanna, Claire and Jackie getting a girls retreat.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Frequency of Days

So time flies when you are having fun. I guess I'm having a blast cuz I just noticed it has been 30 days since the season cliff hanger was posted for Frequency's Season 1. I have started catching up on RL work. I am in debt to the health care industry for thousands of dollars now. I will be an honest consumer and pay it.

 Look for changes in the media surrounding the series.


 I am also looking for more support for craft services.
 I'd love a local Brewery to be our sponsor.
 I am also on the hunt for more wardrobe support.

 I am thinking about making an event at Atomic Empire.
 I think it will be fun to get out and meet some new people.

I guess I better get back to the edit room and finish what I have already started.

I want to say thanks for sticking around and watching our little sci fi series.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Frequency and 8 of 8

The final treatment has been administered. I am free of the drip until otherwise notified. My I say, heaven forbid I have to go through this again.

Let me also say, I understand the folks who refuse chemo. It is mentally and physically grueling. It takes inner and physical strength of extraordinary measure. If you do not have the spirit, then you cannot endure.

Friends and family are essential in the journey. The buoy that friends and family give is a true treasure to the soul. I cannot express how grateful I am for all the well wishes and the encouragement along the way. It helped me keep fighting. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I have to mention again, that blog readers here should have checked for lumps four times since I lost two of my lady bits. Yes, self exams should happen every month.  Do it. Do it now. Today.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Frequency Fight for episode release

This was a hard fought episode for the producers and the characters.

The hospital admit really threw a wrench into our timeline.
I'm out now and feeling much like my "old" self.
I knew the cancer would be an obstacle but did not really take into account how slow I'd be.
The next few episodes should come out more on schedule.
Thank for sticking with us through this adventure.

In this episode entitled "What Are We Doing?" EP 09
Jackie settles in for a a little Lost Girl viewing, meanwhile
Claire & Deanna have a funny feeling about what Travis is up to.

Find KV WORKS' "Frequency" on
Roku, iTunes, BlipTV, and YouTube.

Remember you can
follow us on twitter @KV_Works
Like us on Facebook Frequency

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Frequency block

This week was a bust due to a little health snafu.
I'm out if the hospital and back at the edit desk. 

This episode is worth the wait. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Frequency dental emergency

The good thing about dentists is they are good in emergencies. 

Our generous benefactor, Dr. John Saunders gave big today. He let us film in his office on his day off and we only gave him a few moments to pack before his flight out. 
This is a quick endorsement to Dr. John and Wicked Monkey Productions! 
His newest novel is out Spartan Negotiator.
The novel really is a look into a roughneck's world and his code of ethics. 
Not for weak sensibilities. 
June 13, 2013 , 7:00 PM
He is holding a book signing at Barnes & Noble at Friendly Shopping Center , Greensboro. 
This man is good in emergencies. Might even say he mentored Dr. Deanna Shelley. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Frequency EP 3 part 2 See you later

This episode took a little effort to get out.

It was my pleasure but it was an effort.

I hope you enjoy the short but VERY meaningful episode. 

Frequency and CC

The last week we have been working on a few things. 

Sound for the next video release. 
Finding female lead bands can be harder than you think in this town. 
The sound is nearly locked. We expect the newest video out in a day or two. 

The other task has made me and PK blurry eyed. 
Closed Captions are now available to our hearing challenged viewers. 
We had a request about a month ago and now seemed like a good time to stick it in. 

We will get to blip in the near future. 

The other item that has us dragging out the latest release is my health. I have a ten day cycle of good days and real life and bill paying came first. But we have had progress and will put up a video soon. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Frequency slo mo

It is now obvious that the illness has slowed down our progress may more than I anticipated. I am half time at work with full time deadlines. This makes for poor excuse and very late deadlines.
BUT... We are making progress on the newest edits. Please be patient with our slow delivery. I am making an effort to put Frequency back on track. I am working my purple fingers right down to the numb. Please feel free to ask us about the plot, characters and cast. We would love to hear a shout, no matter how small from viewers. kvworks"at"

 As a bit of trivia, Travis has "matching accessories" only after an on-set mishap. How did the mishap occur?
A. Travis put his shirt on inside out?
B. Jackie wanted a donut?
C. Deanna needed a towel?
D. Claire picked up a new friend?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frequency on the front

I have been distracted with some other things and just now noticed that I have not update the page with the newest installment of Frequency.

I seems that went I posted the first part of Episode 3 on Blip we made an impression.
It might be the witty scenes and great acting  but I think it is the amount of skin in the thumbnail.

April 12-17 BLIP Drama page

Whenever I see this photo I giggle. I'm not sure why.  I am grateful for this actress' modesty; abilities to sell it with a look; and that we are on the cover page. 

This episode is the start of the slide into true devilish plot  conflicts for Deanna and Claire. Travis is part of the master plan. Watch this episode and ask yourself. 
"Do the clothes or the $ make the man?"