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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Frequency Focus Issue

Season 2 Episode 09  "Focus Issue" is up on the channel.

This is the only episode that I was not capable of participating in during the production. I was recovering from a Bilateral Mastectomy and feeling pretty crappy. I had focus issues of my own.

This episode reflects PK and my personal psyche at the time of production, March 8, 2013. Tonight, Piper mentioned that this episode's dialog is full of questions. S2E9 starts the part of the Frequency story arch where Deanna and Claire begin a shared journey. Real life back then, was mired in uncertainty and questions as we, Team Frequency - the wonderful cast and crew that helped on this episode- began what is know as a cancer journey.

Like Team Frequency, Claire & Deanna,  hopes for the best outcome but still doesn't understand what the battle is really about. Claire admits to having focus issues but Deanna is not buying it. I suppose the focus issue in real life at the time was, what to keep my eye on while in a battle to save my world.  I suspect the characters are playing out the metaphoric uncertainty of real life a the the time.
Piper is incredible and amazing and I wonder if she meant to write the metaphor of life in this episode or if it just happened. String theory has a way of making things connect that don't seem connected.

The cast and crew created this episode for me when I could not do it myself. Thank you.

This is also an episode where Frequency got to work with other talented actors from the Triangle area here in North Carolina. Piper was very honored to write Frequency characters & scenes for Dana Marks, Laurie Wolf, Geraud Staton, Nathan Logan and Chris Burner. Their participation makes Frequency better. Thank you's go to out to our main cast as well as all the talent that has come on set and played with us.

I enjoyed watching the raw footage in the edit room. It was bitter sweet to know that my part comes a year after it was recorded. I am pleased with the outcome of this episode and hope you enjoy the ride during 80's trivia night at the Pinhook.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Frequency reviewe

La web fest was a blast. It even rocked.
We were present for the earthquake last month. 

We met a bunch of great web series makers and felt like we belonged among the group of geeky people. 

Frequency was also reviewed by webvee guide's By Jeff Siniawsky
Here is a short excerpt from the review

"I think it’s unfair to label Frequency a LGBTQ show.  Claire and Deanna could have just as easily been Carl and Dean, or Carl and Deanna, or Dean and Claire. The characters’ sexuality is really irrelevant to the story, and the show is much more than the characters’ sexuality. Frequency is a fascinating story being told through some interesting and entertaining characters.   The dialogue is sharp and natural, the acting believable, and the North Carolina locations are beautiful.  Plus, Frequency boasts one of the best show soundtracks I’ve heard in a while.  It’s really no wonder why Frequency has been named an Official Selection of the 2014 LA WebFest. "

Here is the link for the full review. You can read other series' thoughtful reviews.