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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Frequency of season

The first season of Frequency was complete just as I finished up my chemotherapy.
I have spent the last four weeks catching up on RL stuff. 
Thanks for watching and keeping up with this lesbian sci fi web series. 

Things that have been happening 
Production for season 2 & 3
Writing for season 3 
Post production for season 2 
Finding new inspirations with writer friends 
Shooting a short with other filmmakers

We have added 2 bad foreign translations for the episodes on YouTube - we will take friendly amendments to the translations. 

I got some new body art for my #peterparker therapy. 

Friendly reminder- 
Since my last post readers should have conducted a self exam for prostates and/or breasts.

Looking back I have to say I loved my time on set during chemo- It was challenging and something's may have been compromised but it got done the best we could under the circumstances. 

I loved the beach scenes, the special effects where fun and finding music was quite enjoyable. 
We are really trying to make this an Indy effort. 

We would love to hear from viewers. What did you like? What did you share with friends? What do you want to see more of?

What is Jackie's ability? 
A.  Snarkiness
B.  Flame throwing
C.  Healing people
D.  Reading minds

Who is more butch?

A. Deanna 
B. Claire 
C. Jackie

HIt us up with an email kvworks"at"

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