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Saturday, September 15, 2012

I always loved Scifi and Mythology, especially strong female characters. I imagined two of those characters “getting together”. When Xena came on TV I hoped my dream might be fulfilled but subtext would have to do.

Today, my partner and I have our own production company and make our living with sound and pictures. We’ve decided to create a webseries/feature film with strong lesbian characters.
Our goal is that everyone will enjoy the characters and want to hang with them at the Pinhook (their neighborhood bar).

Claire meets Deanna - Intersect Ep. IV
In late April of 2012 we shot Intersect, episode IV part of the feature "Frequency." We were able to get almost the entire short filmed in one very long day. Shortly after, everyone in the cast signed on for a series that we plan to turn into a full-length feature film. Whenever our schedules have allowed we’ve gotten together and filmed. We are lucky to have surrounded ourselves with a hard-working, strong main and supporting cast as well as a talented/creative group of production friends who have helped us make this happen.

There has been talk of the film industry boycotting production in North Carolina, because of the outcome of the Amendment One vote in May of 2012. I love North Carolina. I was born here. This is my home. Here is where I choose to live and create the stories I want to put out into the world. By creating this feature, we want to start to produce more lesbian/gay films in North Carolina.

The money you contribute at indiegogo will be used for cast and crew food, props, makeup, wardrobe and expendables (gaff tape, batteries, bulbs) (link to be active soon)

The story: In the world of Frequency, individuals have the ability to “tune in” to gain different skills. Most importantly, the girl gets the girl.

Be a part of our project by spreading the word and contributing. Check out all the fun stuff we’ll give you when you sponsor. We also want to make a series/film that will be fun for you to watch and support. Thanks for your help!


see a short trailer.

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