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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Double the Frequency

Phase reversing is not my intention.
I am trying to pull an optical illusion.

By the Magic of television we now have two where there where one, episodes that is.
We are not pitch shifting sound or shifting light we just split it the one into parts.

We will have EP 01.1 & EP 01.2
On OUR NEW Youtube Channel = KVWorks1

There are a few very small tweaked but nothing of major proportion.

We wanted the Youtube experience to fit the length of the short attention span audience.


I want to sip and savor my sci fi in large blocks.

But YouTube is a wild west of viewing and we want to keep from being a ghost town of a channel.
SOOOO, we cut the episode into two nearly equal parts.

Episode 02 is aging in the big barrel in the warehouse. We will serve no SCI FI before it's time.

ETA is two weeks.
We will drop Frequency EP 02 before the NEW YEAR.


Speaking of 2013, I have listed a few things I'm looking forward to seeing.

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