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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Frequency in March-ness

So far this month:

I have been annoyed with our local groundhog, Sir Walter Raleigh.

It has been less than 50 degrees all month. I did not sign up for a cold winter!

In like a lamb is always my expectation for March Madness.

Next my college team peaked to soon. Like, three months too soon. For so many years now, I say, "There is always next year."

I spent two weeks convalescing at home. I am not the kind of gal that sits for too long. The office was calling me.
Although I have been to the office a few days a week, I am getting nothing done.

We did have two big Frequency shoots- The Pinhook and the loft apartment.

Episode 3 is still getting polished and fine tuned for posting. It will be a little later than expected.

And finally, we had Holy Smoke happen just in time for Easter.

All this to say, I'm late ! Or rather I will be late in posting Episode 3

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