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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frequency on the front

I have been distracted with some other things and just now noticed that I have not update the page with the newest installment of Frequency.

I seems that went I posted the first part of Episode 3 on Blip we made an impression.
It might be the witty scenes and great acting  but I think it is the amount of skin in the thumbnail.

April 12-17 BLIP Drama page

Whenever I see this photo I giggle. I'm not sure why.  I am grateful for this actress' modesty; abilities to sell it with a look; and that we are on the cover page. 

This episode is the start of the slide into true devilish plot  conflicts for Deanna and Claire. Travis is part of the master plan. Watch this episode and ask yourself. 
"Do the clothes or the $ make the man?"

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