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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Play Work

photo courtesy of Lisa Gagnon
More than a year ago we were at the beach in the midst of Frequency web series production, trying to escape reality for a few days while we waited for what I think both Monique and I knew could possibly be devastating news. It was the weekend of our 19th anniversary. We opted not to tell anyone that we were waiting on biopsy evaluation while we filmed some of the pivotal scenes of Season 2 of Frequency. It was an emotional weekend and difficult hiding it from cast and crew. Since then my brave partner and best friend has gone through a year of surgery, chemo and radiation. We have shared our journey and leaned upon family, friends and strangers. Our crew has been there with us, both emotionally and physically. Our community/crew support has been overwhelming. We have both come out the other end with a forever changed view on life, love and friendship. I wanted to return to the beach for a lot of reasons. For the story line is was a necessity. For me, personally, I wanted Monique and I to have this beautiful setting no longer tethered to the negative. I wanted my love of waves, ocean, sand and surf to be rejoined to the positive. I wanted this to be the place I celebrated 20 years of living with my best friend/ass kicking' Cancer warrior, sharing work and play. And, she let me play. They let me play. I am lucky to have such a wonderful partner. Everyone should be so lucky to have such a love and such wonderful friends.  Our crew of five worked hard and played as they worked. I truly love these gals and everyone who has helped me get this whacked story out of me noggin and into the daylight. :-) <3
The f'n producer and Meredith Sause (photo by Lisa Gagnon)
Crew Selfie (Lisa Gagnon, Piper Kessler, Marilyn Hays, and Monique Velasquez
Monique, Meredith and Lisa between takes

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