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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Frequency 1 year later

I was looking at our data and see that we first posted our Youtube channel, kvworks1,  on Dec 12, 2012.

2013 has had some highs and lows for KV Works.

First we posted a few excellent episodes of the best Lesbian Sci Fi on the planet, Frequency.

We met Claire, Deanna, Travis, Jackie and friends at the Pinhook.

Piper was able to spin a yarn about the world where string theory has profound influence on the lives in our drama. A drama where you can tune into a Frequency and change your destiny.

KV Works met some awesome local actors.

We sweat, and lost sleep over our newest love, Frequency.

We made friends half way around the world from neighboring countries on social media. Those folks have hung with us as we have eeked out episode after episode during 2013. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love you and we love that you have an interest in what we are doing.

As the producer and some times the director of Photography of Frequency this year has been a personal challenge.
Early in 2013, I lost part of my anatomy in the fight to beat cancer. This has been devastating personally and emotionally difficult to adjust to.  I am still adjusting to the idea of my new body image. Recovering from surgery KV Works shot two episodes and edit two episodes.

In the spring I started the next phase of my battle.
During Chemo therapy KV Works shot seven or eight episodes and edited four episodes.
By mid year I was starting to bounce back emotionally. We continued to shoot five or six episodes and edit three more.

We have been able to edit and post about one episode per month during 2013.
Without our little project I may have given up my fight.

I have to believe that the silent viewers are rooting for KV Works and Frequency.
Pk and I shaved our heads. I did it so the disease did not take my hair.

My Hair started to return late summer 2013
I lost all my hair after 10 weeks of therapy.
By Fall of 2013 I had the softest hair on the planet.
Let me end by saying "Thanks" to our viewers old and new;
"Welcome" to our newest interested fans.
I am filled with gratitude that I had enough strength to continue working on Frequency in 2013.
I resolve to continue posting in 2014.

May your lives be as filled with meaning, purpose and love as mine was in 2013.

Now for our newest Episode "Do I Stop This"

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