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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Frequency Pi and then some

How do you like that!!!  ---------------->

We made our goal plus 14% last night.  This is very exciting for us.

Truth is, it was only possible because we have awesome leading ladies.
Lisa and Meredith pulled in a big chunk of the support. You gals are the best. XXOO's

What does Pi mean for Frequency?

Well, first off we were able to put Deanna in new a wardrobe piece. 
I do so love this sweater!

Deanna contemplates her next move. Nov 2012 Frequency

The next thing it means is we get to keep the kraft services table stocked for the cast and crew.
I'm thinking apples, other fruits and nuts will come back as well as hot non-carb options.

The cast is very good role models for the writer and producer. (I have lost 8 pounds since hanging with them. Not that you can tell.)

We will continue to update the Frequency project here.
Look for the first episode very soon.

THANKS for tuning in.

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