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Monday, November 12, 2012

Frequency EMT help

This weekend Frequency had a quick pick up scene in one of the subplots.

We had help from a very eager new comer. She played dead almost as well as Lisa Gagnon.
Lauren will likely appear among the mostly living in a later episode. <wink>

Day players are the best!

Tracy Walker was super great with the actual lines. Who knew so much talent was lurking in Durham.
Our Dale Shelley character was given more gruff lines for this scene. What do expect from the EMT in charge?

Thanks for Ish's great eye and bucket of blood.
What is a scene with an EMT without blood.

The corpse sits up so that we don't cause an accident. I love the look see review

We had a city police officer wave as we worked on the side walk of a busy road through downtown. I'm glad our little gorilla'ed scene didn't get shut down.

On another note about Episode 1 - Music is still being thorny. Tonight there is a jam session to create a few new grooves just for the web series.

I'll let PK post who is part of the jam session.

I am so excited about this. Too bad I have to work tonight, and will miss the fun with the musicians.

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