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Friday, November 23, 2012

No Frequency yet 01

The film festival was fun. We saw some good local flicks.

Most of the chick filmmakers made documentaries. I know this is a trend.

My guess is that men make narrative films 4 or 5 to 1. Why is this? We women are better at social message and group activities. It remains a mystery why women don't try to make a film. Perhaps filmmaking is not seen as an art form? or relevant to society? This stumps me.

Piper is the only chick filmmaker in our block

We are slowly moving the edit through the pipe line. I can crack the whip but really it is stuck behind a slow moving truck on a two lane up the mountain road.
I know I promised November. It will be the last day of the month if we are lucky.

In the mean time, Here is a quick snap shot from the last production.  I misread the label on the box everytime and I giggle. There behind the make up box is some of the snacks on the kraft services table.
We have seen this motor oil can before. This time Lisa Gagnon was not subjected to the special make up.

Snacks and "make up"

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