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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Frecuencia de nuevo año

With the New Year many people will feel compelled to make life changes.

Our life change came from last year's resolution. A simple resolution to meet more actors and make another film.
By April. we were fully committed to producing Intersect.
April 2012 Production still Intersect ep 4

By May we decided to have the short film Intersect become Episode 4 of a larger piece. That larger piece is Frequency.
In November we posted Episode 01 and December brought Episode 02.

We hope you will resolve to watch more independently produced films/webseries, like Frequency.
Frequency will roll out at least ten episodes this year. (maybe more)

KV Works & Team Frequency resolves to make more positive portrayals of lesbians in media.
With the passing of NC's Amendment  1, an anti-gay marriage amendment, KV Works is doing our part to make NC more LGBT friendly. What better to way to do it than making positive art of the lgbt community.
Deanna & Claire 2012
Claire & Deanna 2012

We hope you will find our effort smart, funny, touching, exciting and sensual - But not in a creepy way.

What you will NOT find in Frequency:
psychotic lesbian killers
depressed suicidal lgbt characters
smarmy male characters
stereotyping of minorities
predictable plot lines

What you WILL find in Frequency:
positive portrayal of a dentist
graphic violence
adult language
mature themes
sexual situations
alcohol & drug use

KV Works hope to hear from new subscribers followers and fans in 2013.
Like our KVWorks Facebook page
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Let's join in the effort to create a positive image of LGBT community.

Watch more lesbian sci-fi!

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