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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Listing Frequency

The week started out by posting part 2 of "Just Friends."

Those of you who are looking for extra sauce with their helping of Frequency will note that parts 1,2, 3 & 4 are about being "Just Friends"

What will a friend do for you when you ask for assistance?
Sometimes a friend is just there because they know you need a friend.
Friends are willing to pitch in and help you find something you may have lost.
Whatever a friend needs. EP 02 theme is "Just Friends"

This week also brought a few new friends sharing the Frequency web series.

We posted our Youtube KVWORKS1 channel to  One More Lesbian  as well as Slebisode. (search  "frequency") These web series aggregating sites have been kind enough to post our project and share with their visitors.

KV Works welcomes the newest viewers and fans for Frequency.
I want to get feedback from those who want to know more.
drop us a note at  kvworks "at"
or like our KVWORKS Facebook page

Travis wants to spend time with his friend Deanna

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