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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frequency the 1 of 7

It has been quite a year so far. 2013 has brought new topics and themes into our lives. 
We have been hard at work on Frequency and trying to keep up with our real lives. 
Among the mundane has been a routine check up by my GP.
This is when I learned that I am 1 of 7. (I know that chick below is 7 of 9- one of my favs)

My first thought was I am not going to wear pink. I am not a pink wearing kind of gal. 
My second thought was my team color is now pink.

ON a tangent, NCSU, my alma mater, spend February in pink in honor of the late women's basketball coach Kay Yow. While at State she survived breast cancer but finally succumbed to the disease in 2009.

Some of my very long time friends know that I was a varsity athlete while at NCSU.
It was a very exciting experience to play at a Division I University.
*FYI - I was on the team that kept that "other" school from having an uninterrupted championship/dynasty.

I remember Kay Yow as a vibrant energetic woman at the helm of the women's Bball team.

But I digress. 

The real point in this post is to encourage women to get to know what the breasts in your life feel like and to get routine mammograms. A little research will do your life good. 

I am just starting to understand the concept of having cancer. 
I am coming to terms with what it means for my body and my mind. 
My spirit is strong and so is my will. 

I plan to continue to work on the series, Frequency. It will be my inspiration to keep focused and healthy. 

Wish us luck.
I promise to keep bringing fun episodes of Frequency.
Now on with the show.

Here is the link to the playlist of episodes look for EP 02 "Just Friends" part 4

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