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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Frequency Blip tv

I have finally put the series on BLIP TV  Blip.TV/frequency

It is very fun to see this on the big screen in my basement. (Yes we have a basement in the south. It is very rare and great fun to have.)
From Blip.TV/frequency

This also means we are on iTunes. You can watch us on your appleTV, iPod, iPad, iPhone or desktop.
Search for "frequency, kv works" under "podcasts" for "TV & Film"

iTunes Podcasting Frequency for Apple devices

We are so pleased to reach the 10,000 views mark on YouTube.  
Thanks for our regular fans and One More Lesbian for helping us get to that mark.

We cannot do this without viewers. Please share the link or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Youtube channel or Blip TV. 

Next look for us on TNP TV next. What is that you ask? We will tell you next time.

Until next time. 

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