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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Frequency & DOMA & Bechdel

Here is a very clear article about the happenings in the state of NY. FORBES DOMA

DOMA was enacted by a popular president and has had unintended consequences.

Just like any good art inspired endeavor,  anti-LGBT policies have motivated Frequency and filmmakers from NC to fight to keep the visibility of LGBT community.

Our sci fi film has two strong women exploring truth and knowledge of self.

We made sure to pass the Bechdel test with the first conversation. Add Frequency to the list found here at Bechdel Test .com This is a great sight to measure up your favorite films and see if you are a feminist and have unknowingly applied the Bechdel Test to your film watching list.

Newest published work by A. Bechdel in the NYT

Let's keep up our effort to fight against intolerance and the inequity of sin and punishment.

Frequency Ep5 sc3
Claire and Deanna talk about DOMA, not. 

Oh yeah, forgot to mention the needle is 70% to Pi ----------->

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