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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GOGO factor for Frequency-sci-fi

Yesterday we got the friendly gogo email indicating our factor was
down. :-\

I inherited a competitive spirit from my mother. Needless to say this did not please me. So, I made some changes to my focus and worked on getting a little movement on the indiegogo page for Frequency.

Wow, did I whip a frenzy. I moved our fund bar over the 60% mark. (see ------------>)

What I noticed while studying my analytics is that less than 10% of our contributors are lesbian.
I'm thinking this is a problem. How can we tip the scale and get some dyed in the wool dykes to contribute?
I need to go out this weekend and shake my money maker. I'm not sure where or how but this week I hope to move the circle of support back into the LGBT community.

With national coming out day October 11th, I'm thinking we have an opening to talk about our little project here in Durham NC. The one that was inspired to change the supporters of Amendment 1's mind set.
Frequency promo pix
Watching the floor at the Pinhook- Dale must have seen a penny.

Please visit the indiegogo project page and like, the project on FB or share the link with lesbian media hounds. You know the ones watching, Lost Girl, Rizzoli and Isles, Covert Affairs, Fringe, Haven,

Thanks to the wonderful network of folks who want to support this lesbian sci fi film.

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