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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Frequency Sci Fi Pi plan

FREQUENCY SCI FI le$bian film

80% funded is great, but we are still  make hoping for a few more prime number donations.

$2,503Raised of $3,141 Goal

We had a prime number donated to reach a prime number total. I love my geeky supporters.

With every supporter we get closer to making FREQUENCY a reality. Our first episode will be available in November. I think you are going to like it.

We have only the freshest ingredients with organic lesbian gaze tossed in for you. Just in case it isn't clear to our readers, PK and I have had our toaster since the 80's. That's right the 1980's!
80's Icon Julie Andrews & Janet Jackson

SOOOO that is why we are asking for help. We are interested in creating a sci fi lesbian drama.

Scully - Reyes X-Files
The X-files although very watchable with our two favorite agents, was not enough. The fan fic was fun but KV Works wants to put the subtext in the foreground. We make it the main text of the story.

So we are making a venue to introduce to you Deanna and Claire our heroines. 

Please click on the campaign link to support our  project.
Really, it is BIG thing for us if you contribute any amount.
$15 puts you in a class to get stuff from us so check out the perks !

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