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Friday, October 5, 2012

LGBT on the BIG and small screen Frequency

I saw a tweet this morning about a Hollywood type wanting to make a web series. Kudos and cheers to him. His interview explaining his reasons for making the web series are interesting.
Hunting Season is the series.
The link for the interview is here - LINK GAY WEB SERIES INTERVIEW -

Marcus also mentions some noteworthy other web series. They are worth checking out if you have not already found them on your own.

How is Frequency different?
Durham is a long way from Hollywood. We are using local talent. We have a thriving arts community right here in DURHAM, NC. It is one of the things that makes us the #1 tolerant City in the USA. Even though the state passed the anti-LGBT marriage amendment Durham supported defeating the amendment.

We are using community resources such as equipment and locations. As an independent effort we are making our resources count. We understand what elements will add to the production value. Real sets and costuming are a must.

I think we have something fun and interesting to watch. Help us reach our goal of raising Pi.

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