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Friday, October 26, 2012

Frequency Sci Fi Trailer Teaser sweetness

I am so excited! 

I handed over some footage - I know, right am I crazy?  but I totally trust Mer to do this right. - to make a trailer. Here it is.

Or at least it will be when we get the publishing rights.....

Frequency: Lesbian Sci-Fi Promo from Meredith Sause on Vimeo. to help us get "Frequency Sci Fi where Lesbian is the main text" made.

There is some trivia for the future. The music in the trailer features our lead, Meredith Sause.

There are a few snippets of video that match some of the production stills you will see here on the blog.

I am very happy to have another version of our project out on the WWW.

Frequency Promo image
Claire works on seeing the right Frequency of light. 

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